Marta Colpani is an Italian artist based in the Netherlands. She researches the invisible experience of non-semantic exchange among people and when interacting with our day-to-day environment. Colpani graduated from Rietveld Academy in 2014 and received a Mondriaan Fund Stipendium for Depth Development Artistic Practice in 2015.


March 2017, Amsterdam (NL): Group exhibition Dante Land, Paleis van Mieris.

December 2016, Amsterdam (NL): Selected artist at This Art Fair, Beurs van Berlage.

October 2016, Amsterdam (NL): Group exhibition, Tekenkabinet.

September 2016, Amsterdam (NL): Group exhibition "Notes", Peer Paper Platform.

August 2016, Amsterdam (NL): "Distance as time, distance as sound, distance as words", Peer Paper Platform.

July 2016, Amsterdam (NL): Group exhibition "Movements abstract", Josilda da Conceicao Gallery

December 2015 - Januari 2016, Amsterdam (NL): Selected artist at This Art Fair, Beurs van Berlage.

Januari 2015, Amsterdam (NL): Rosetta Stone Group Exhibition, Paleis van Mieris.

November 2014, Den Haag (NL): Unknown/ The made country, Duo Exhibition Gintare Kerbelyte/ Marta Colpani, Kunstenaarsinitiatief Elders.

Research & residencies

October 2016, Biella (IT)/ Shkoder (AL): UNIDEE residency program "The Encounter" at Cittadellarte - Fondazione Pistoletto & Arthouse Skhoder.

July 2016, Amsterdam (NL): Residency program at Peer Paper Platform, kindly supported by Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst.

November - December 2015, Amsterdam (NL): Education & Art: Integrations Between Education and the Curatorial and Artistic Fields with Juan Canela.

September - November 2015, Turin/ Biella (IT): (3) UNIDEE weekly residencies at Cittadellarte - Fondazione Pistoletto supported by Mondriaan Fonds Stipendium for Depth Development Artistic Practice.

November 2014, Den Haag (NL): Crossed artists’ interview with Marijn Ottenhof, Kunstenaarsinitiatief Elders.

January 2013 - Januari 2014, (NL/NO/USA): Research: Elsewhere. Interview with visual artists Helene Sommer, Daniel Higgins. Interview with Sarah Natsumi Moore, Denise Pires.

September - December 2011, (NL/IT): Research: Something very common that could happen to anyone. Different interviews and documentary.

January - August 2010, Amsterdam (NL): Research: New Space of the Body. Interview with artists Yolande Harris, Eelco Wagenaar.

Writings & publications

April 2017, Amsterdam (NL), Distance: citymap in Peer Paper Magazine Issue 4: Maps.

April 2017, Amsterdam (NL), Interview with Xenia Bordukowa Pattberg Home where I can be foreign in Hiraeth.

January 2017, Roma (IT), Exercises in power. On the experimental nature of democracy and art in roots§routes: participation. Anno VII, n°24 (2017).

May 2016, Amsterdam (NL): Distance as time, distance as sound, distance as words featured in Peer Paper Magazine Issue 2.

July 2014, Amsterdam (NL): Elsewhere (book).

March 2014, Amsterdam - Cape Town: PLEASE/ DO NOT/ KILL US, DOGTime Cape Time.

August 2010, Amsterdam (NL): New Media Shaping of Perception and the New Space of the Body (master thesis)

February 2011, Brescia (IT): Gli animali senza piedi del signor Mi Jeong ballavano al ritmo di Beethoven. Contribution for online magazine Bresciattiva: musica mammifera.

December 2010, Brescia (IT): Proteggi la tua lingua-la-la-laaa! Contribution for online magazine Bresciattiva: musica mammifera.

November 2010, Brescia (IT): Pare infatti che le invenzioni siano la nostra specialitá! Contribution for online magazine Bresciattiva: musica mammifera.

Lectures & talks

April 2017, Amsterdam (NL), Artist talk at Amsterdam Stedelijk Museum Library.

March 2017, Amsterdam (NL), Guest lecturer Concept Development at HvA,  Art and resistance.

December 2016, Amsterdam (NL), Guest lecturer Critical Urbanism at HvA.

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